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Lost Something?
Introducing inSite, locate anything in seconds using your iPhone.

How Does it Work?

inSite is an ultra thin device that can easily be attached to any commonly misplaced item. The device wirelessly connects to the user's iPhone via the inSite app. The inSite app monitors the location of the user's items and enables users to find any item in 3 swipes or less. The ultra thin design has been engineered to last up to 2 years using slim coin sized batteries allowing users to not have to worry about charging the device.


Features of inSite

Distance Indicator
inSite displays the distance between yourself and your items. Finding keys has never been easier.
Item Ringer
With a quick tap of your finger, cause your misplaced item to ring.

Phone Finder
Press the button on the inSite device to cause your phone to ring, even in silent mode!

No Recharging
Don't worry about batteries. inSite lasts for over 1 year on an easy to replace coin cell battery.
Multiple Devices
inSite can keep track of all your essential items. A single phone or tablet can track up to 5-10 items simultaneously.
Fully Customizable
That's right, you can fully customize your inSite, including sound alert settings and more.

Device Specs


Diameter: 25mm

Thickness: 5mm

Battery Type: CR2016 Coin Cell Battery

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Device Compatibility: iPhone 4s & Later, iPad 3rd Generation & Later, Android 4.4 & Later with Bluetooth Low Energy

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is the inSite?

    It’s only 45mm long, 28mm wide, and 4mm thick.

  • How long will the battery in my inSite last?

    The battery will last approximately 6 months and is user replaceable

  • How many devices can the app track?

    inSite can track up to 10 devices

  • Where can I get technical help and contact support?

    Support is available at or via email

  • How do I replace the battery in my inSite?

    The back of inSite slides open, making changing the battery quick and easy

  • What is the range of the inSite?

    The inSite can connect to your phone from as far away as 100 feet.

  • What application does the inSite work with?

    The inSite app is available now on the iOS App Store.

  • What devices are compatible?

    iPhone 4s & Later and iPad 3rd Generation & Later